Open the Door to a Virtual World of Possibilities – Part 1

by Jennifer on February 9, 2007

Are you a Real Estate Professional spending more than a couple of hours a day in the office trying to catch up on paperwork, making phone calls and completing tasks that really don?t make you any money? If this sounds like you, you are more than likely ready to start delegating. This is a big step and difficult for some people to do, however once you have made the decision to spend more time on listing and selling you will see the benefits to your business and your family life.

First you will want to make a list of the tasks that you spend most of your time working on in the office. Examples of these tasks could be:

  • Listing Coordination
  • Transaction Management
  • Contact Management
  • General Administrative Tasks

The question now is who to delegate these tasks to. Most offices employ administrative staff to assist agents with these types of tasks however a lot of times these ?in-house? administrative staff are facing the same time challenges as you are having to make themselves available to all the agents in the office. Why not consider the possibility of hiring a Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant (PREVA). A PREVA has the training and experience with specifc Real Estate tasks and software and can perform duties such as the ones listed above, and more. PREVA?s partner with you to personalize an action plan based on your specifc needs and requirements.

Check back for Part 2 of a Virtual World of Possibilites where I will discuss the PREVA and Agent realtionship and what to look for in a Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

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