Happy Easter!!!

by Jennifer on April 8, 2007

Easter EggsAs with many holidays, Easter is a time of celebration and feasting. How do you celebrate Easter? For years, some traditional activities include decorating eggs, easter egg hunts and attending Sunday Mass.

I remember growing up and Easter in our house was about decorating eggs. We couldn’t wait to pull out the PASS egg decorating kits and put our creative minds to work. PASS has been around for more than 125 years and was always the kit we used. For everything Easter Check out the PASS Easter Eggs site for a ton of Easter games, crafts and tips & tricks.

Another traditional item at Easter are Peeps. These were a must have for a lot of my friends growing up. I thought they were kind of scary looking, but they sure did taste good.

Whatever your traditions or activities are during Easter I hope the holiday is a happy and healthy one for you and your families.

Happy Easter!

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