Top 10 Things a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

by Jennifer on April 8, 2008

As a Real Estate Professional, you probably spend a good part of your day, most days, concentrating on the revenue generating tasks of your business such as previewing homes, meeting with clients, showing homes, presenting offers and holding open houses, and if you’re not; you should be. The reality is that most Real Estate Professionals find themselves juggling time spent on day-to-day administrative duties, and time spent on the more important tasks of building relationships and generating revenue.

Let a Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant (PREVA) eliminate the need to “juggle” and take care of the day-to-day administrative duties for you. These tasks, or business solutions as I like to call them, may include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Blogging
If you don’t already have one, a PREVA can set up a blog for you using your existing website set-up or one of the more popular blogging platforms such as WordPress (free and self hosted sites) and TypePad. Once set up, or using your existing blog, a PREVA can help maintain and update the blog, as well as brainstorm content ideas.

2. Contact Management
Keeping your contacts and leads up-to-date is key. Using a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) program such as Outlook, ACT, or my personal favorite, The Wise Agent, a PREVA can customize, organize, update and maintain all of your contacts, appointments and deadlines in such a way that flows with your own personal working style.

3. Drip Email Campaigns
We will create, customize, maintain and arrange distribution of email campaigns for your buyers and sellers which is key to keeping you in the forefront of your contacts minds.

4. Flyers
Let a PREVA create fabulous marketing tools such as Listing Presentations and CMA’s that will “wow” your clients and keep you one step ahead of your competition

5. Listing Management
As a PREVA, we will handle all aspects of your listings from submission to your local real estate board, email blasts to agents and brokerages and advertising, to the creation of all related marketing materials, submission to your own websites, blogs and popular real estate portals and even purchasing your buyer/seller closing gift. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

6. Postcards
Creation and distribution of Just Listed, Just Sold and Specialty postcards will keep you on track with consistent marketing efforts.

7. Single Property Websites
Without a doubt, Single Property Websites, such as MarketSites by MyMarketWare should be at that the top of the list in the marketing plan for your listings. Each listing will be assigned its own unique URL, and as your PREVA we will handle the creation, submission and maintenance of each single property website with statistical information, for each site, sent to you regularly.

8. Virtual Tours
Another great marketing tool is the virtual tour. What better way to show off all corners of the home than with fabulous images, descriptions and links to capture the attention of prospective buyers. As a PREVA I will set all this up for you with special attention to where the virtual tour will be posted, to give your listing maximum online exposure (i.e. your websites, blogs and numerous other real estate portals). My virtual tour platform of choice is Real Estate Shows for its flexibility and high quality presentation.

9. Website Maintenance
We will ensure that your website(s) are kept up-to-date with current listings, news and buyer and seller information.

Lastly and most important…

10. Time and Money
Time is something we can give you to spend with family and concentrate on those revenue generating tasks mentioned above. Money can also be saved by partnering with a Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant. Contact Me for a cost comparison of using a PREVA as opposed to, or in conjunction with, an “on-site” assistant.

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