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by Jennifer on February 4, 2008

This is the first in a series of expert interviews that I will offer here at The PREVA Report. To get things started I thought I would begin with some basics about Real Estate Blogging and try to answer a few of the questions I am asked frequently.

I am pleased to introduce Nicole Nicolay.

Nicole is a real estate consultant and co-owner of Effektive Solutions, a company that offers marketing and technology solutions to real estate professionals. In addition, Nicole is co-author of the popluar MyTechOpinion , a real estate technology blog and has recently launched her newest real estate website, MyMarketWare.

Let’s get started…

1. I am a Real Estate Professional; Should I have my own blog?

Absolutely! In real estate, it’s important to build both your sphere of influence and community spirit in your niche market. With a real estate blog, you can do both! A blog can be your real estate Website with all the trimmings, but also an interactive forum thriving from your helpful niche and RE industry information.

2. How will having a blog benefit my business?

Starting and maintaining a blog can help you:
Create an online presence
Become the niche expert for your market area
Connect with your sphere/grow your online network
Initiate community interaction
And make you a better real estate agent overall!

3. What blog platform is best for Real Estate Professionals?

WordPress! If you can use Microsoft Word and know how to upload your pictures Kodak….you can use the WordPress Editor!

4. Can I set the blog up myself or will I need a professional to do it?

Consider your technical ability. Are you a “do-it-yourselfer” or “have it done” type when it comes to your computing? You can easily reserve your domain and hosting through a company like Bluehost and then install a WordPress template. Or, hire a blog consultant or service to create and guide you through the “getting started” period. A blog consultant that offers blog design and coaching may cost you a pretty penny. There are blog consulting companies that offer webinars and group trainings to provide a more affordable option. (Ex: Domus Consulting Group)

5. What should I write about?

Consider your audience and niche first, and then make a list of article ideas.  If ideas are not flowing, start recalling questions you are asked daily by your clients. Each question and answer is a great post! Other great content ideas include: community events, neighborhood spotlights, new developments, industry updates, local interviews, etc.

Look to your everyday happenings as inspiration too! (Ex: broker’s tours, marketing meetings, showing property, open homes, inspections, etc.)   Even the grocery store, hair salon, and local java stop can yield great article ideas! The key is to provide of balance of helpful information and entertainment. For more ideas and a content posting plan, check out my recent post on MyMarketWare.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you Nicole for taking the time to stop by The PREVA Report and answer some of the more commonly asked questions about real estate blogging. Good luck with your new business venture Nicole and we’ll see you over at MyMarketWare.

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