Manitoba Unlicensed Assistants

An Unregistered Assistant May:

  • Act as a receptionist and forward calls to a registrant.
  • Submit listings and changes and enter information, both within the brokerage and to a Real Estate Board, provided the information is verified and approved by a registrant, and retrieve listing information for a registrant.
  • Write, prepare and place or distribute ads, feature sheets, promotional material, flyers approved by a registrant.
  • Distribute personal brochures or flyers for a registrant.
  • Request documents (i.e., public information) from the courts and utility offices.
  • Type contract forms for approval of a registrant.
  • Act as a courier service to deliver documents and pick up keys provided there is no discussion concerning the contents of the documents or property with the person to whom the delivery is made.
  • Witness signatures on listing agreements or buyer agent contracts prepared by a registrant.
  • Schedule appointments for registrants with other agents, clients and customers.
  • Have house keys made for a registrant.
  • Set up and remove signs and lock boxes.
  • Set up files, photograph properties, and complete fact sheets for a registrant’s approval.
  • Contact a financial institution to determine if a financing letter is available.
  • Assemble documents for closing.
  • Order items of routine repair for listed property when directed, to do so-by a registrant.
  • Record and deposit trust money, rent, and security deposits.
  • Compute and prepare commission cheques.
  • Note that many of the above functions are permissible if they are conducted under the purview of a registrant. The onus is on a registrant who engages an unregistered assistant to ensure that proper supervision is provided to the unregistered assistant to ensure accuracy of the information and to restrict the role of the unregistered assistant to permitted activity.

An Unregistered Assistant May Not:

  • Show properties that are for sale or lease.
  • Answer inquiries from the public concerning listings, titles, financing, closings, or discuss or explain a contract, listing, property evaluation, lease agreement and/or other real estate documents with a member of the public.
  • Negotiate sales contracts, listings, rental or lease agreements.
  • Negotiate or agree to any commission, commission split, management fee or referral fee.
  • Solicit listings or buyers, or property management contracts from prospective clients.
  • Negotiate the amount of rent, security deposit or other lease provision.
  • Hold publicly advertised Open Houses.
  • Hold out or represent themselves as a registrant.
  • Inspect or measure property.
  • Have access to another person’s property which is for sale or lease without the seller’s and a registrant’s specific permission.

Courtesy of the Manitoba Securities Commission

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