Listing Photos – Picasa – A Great Photo Organizer

by Jennifer Wilson on July 6, 2007

Are you a real estate agent struggling to keep all your listing photos in one place and organized? I have recently come across a FREE program by Google to organize and manage all your listing photos. Once downloaded, Picasa will locate all images and photos on your system and¬†organize them into “dated” files. While you are in Picasa you can reorganize and rename the files and folders however you like.

Google - Picasa

Picasa is great tool for keeping listing photos organized and the program also allows you to manipulate your photos with some basic editing features such as Crop, Straighten, Redeye, Contrast, Colour, additional Tuning and Effects. All this can be done within the Picasa program with ease. Edit, Share, Print and Create are a few of the features offered by Picasa and include:

  • Create and upload photos to a Web Album

  • Email photos

  • Print photos

  • Order Prints

  • Post photos to your Blogger blog

  • Create a photo collage

  • Export photos

  • Create Slideshows

  • Make Gift CD’s

It’s a one stop photo organizer for real estate agents to manage all your listing photos, family photos, etc. Picasa is offered as a part of the FREE Google Pack, however you can choose to only install one or any of the products offered in this pack.

If you are a real estate agent that requires some organization of your listing photos, and more, I highly recommend Picasa. I’d love to hear what you think about the program and how you have optimized it to work with your photo collections.

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