Calgary's Single Family Average Selling Price Hits New Record

by Jennifer Wilson on July 5, 2007

Calgary DowntownThe Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) announced yesterday that Calgary’s Single Family, Average Selling price has hit a record. I think we all new it would happen, and it did; we have reached the half a million dollar mark.

According to the statistics on the CREB website, the Average Selling price for a Single Family home in Calgary has peaked at $503,803 while the Median Sale Price in the past 30 days is $440,000. There have been 112 new listings in the last 24 hours which may have been a factor in the slight decrease in the Average Selling price today as it sits at $502,783.

Calgary Real Estate has sure made some headlines in the last year and it looks like we could be in for a few more before the summer is out. The Single Family and Condo markets in Calgary are very strong and I look forward to seeing how things unfold throughout the summer.

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