Backing Up; Don't Learn the Hard Way.

by Jennifer Wilson on April 17, 2007

I recently had a scare with my email program and I thought I was going to lose everything. My email is the lifeline to my business and I could not afford to lose my emails, contacts, tasks and calendar items. Thankfully I was able to fix the problem and retrieve all of my information.

I think we all understand the importance of backing-up our files, however how diligent are we really about this? Well I am not taking any more chances and not only do I backup my files to an external drive, I have started to use an online backup system that I love.

Data Deposit Box

Data Deposit Box is easy to setup, the system does all the work in the “background” and better yet you can’t beat the price. Don’t take any chances with your files, check out Data Deposit Box or other online backup systems.

I now know I can rest easy that if the unforseen should happen; that I will be covered.

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