Cubby The Bear – Christina Lake BC – Update

by Jennifer on November 8, 2007

For those of you that have emailed me and commented with your best wishes for Cubby the bear, I wanted to thank you?and update you on what I have recently heard. For those of you that have not?been formally introduced to Cubby,?you might read my previous post about Cubby Thanksgiving Weekend 2007 and view?Cubby’s RES.

We spoke with our neighbours at Christina Lake this week and they have been keeping their eyes on Cubby for me as I can not be there. Betty informed us that Cubby is still there and feeding on the apple trees(hopefully this is instinct to bulk up before hibernating). Apparently Cubby hangs around our resort for a few days and then he ventures off for a couple of days, but then always returns. The last time he returned to the resort he wasn’t alone…Cubby had brought along another cub. I wish I was there to monitor and photograph them. I am so pleased to hear that Cubby is OK and it appears as though his natural instinct is kicking in and preparing himself for hibernation.

Betty also spoke with the local warden and there have been no reported bear killings since I left there in October. Phew…what a relief.

So Cubby appears to be fine for now and should be heading into hibernation in the next few weeks. If I hear anything else I will be sure to let you know.

Cubby The Bear

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