Thanksgiving Weekend 2007

by Jennifer on October 16, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend was full of surprises and thanks to my friend, Sarah Girl Cooper and her creative use of RES (Real Estate Shows), I decided that this would be the perfect way to show you what it was that had such a profound affect on me while I was at our family cabin for the holiday weekend.

We were introduced to this bear cub the day after we arrived at the cabin. He was perched almost at the top of our neighbours apple tree. I was instantly drawn to this bear cub and my niece and I immediately named him Cubby. Evidently he had been in and out of this tree for a couple of days and did not seem to be too concerned with us.

I was concerned that where there is a bear cub, there is sure to a mother close by. Sadly this was not case. Apparently the mother and other cub had been shot and killed a few days earlier. I felt so bad for Cubby as we figured that he may have only been 6 to 8 months old. If this was the case, my first thought was how would he know how to hibernate and get through the winter? There had been a couple of residents that contacted Fish and Wildlife and they said that there was nothing they could do. They commented that if they were to come out, they would have to shoot the cub. I was beside myself. I thought there had to be someone, or organization, that could arrange to relocate this cub or something.

There were only a handful of people in our resort (as is usually the case this time of year) so it was generally pretty quiet and not too many people to bother the cub (except me). The next couple of days my niece and I would go and check on Cubby in the morning, at lunch and at supper time and each time taking a ton pictures. I loved this little cub and had no idea how to help it. I went back to the cabin one evening and sent a bunch of emails to various SPCA’s and wildlife organizations to see if there was something, someone could do.

I never like leaving our cabin as it is my home away from home and this time was no exception and even harder. I didn’t want to leave not knowing what was going to happen to Cubby. Anyway I am in a holding pattern as I have not been able to verify if he is still there, but I will continue to follow up.

  • ines

    aaawwww! He is too cute and it’s so sad. I really hope he can figure it out. Thanks for the show.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    Yeah me too Ines. Normally they are with the mother for two years before venturing out on their own. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

  • Kate

    He is TOO cute! Unfortunately, we know too well what it is to have an orphaned animal land on your property. A few years ago, we found an abandoned fawn. She couldn’t have been more than 1 week old, if not just days old. After some research (and a billion phone calls), we deduced that she hadn’t been abandoned and left her alone as instructed. After 3 days of ignoring the baby-cries, she finally now wobbily picked her way to my husband’s side and we again ignored her as directed. She nearly froze to death that night and we finally took her in as Mama should have long since appeared. A dead deer on the highway could well have explained her absence. It was too late. She never got the colostrum we could have given her the first day if we had ignored “the experts” and rescued her immediately and she died the next day. I fell in love that very first day as I am sure you have, wishing you luck!

  • Jennifer Wilson

    Oh my gosh Kate, that is so sad. Yes I can totally relate, as I love that “not so little” cub and I’m sick wondering what has become of him. I am patiently waiting to hear back from the locals there with word that he is still in the resort. I think as long as he stays in that central area he should be ok for a while. There’s a lot of food and very little traffic and human activity this time of year.

    Thank you for sharing your story Kate, I’m just sorry it didn’t have a happier ending. I’m going with my gut and trying to do all that I can.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  • Kate

    Hi Jennifer,

    Yes, it was heartbreaking. It would have been so nice if Mama had just shown up like everyone said she would. In your little cub’s case, that won’t be happening either :(

    Hang in there, yes, I would love to hear what happens. Take care.

  • Joanne Hanson

    Two sad stories! Hopefully it will end up better for Cubby. We have had bears in our yard twice this year, and they are fabulous to watch! I did run around and make sure all my doors and windows were closed and locked though.

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  • The Expert Realtor Website Builder

    I feel sorry for the bears and other animals. With all of the developing going on, they are getting pushed out of their territories. Of course, we can’t lift a finger to learn how to build places to live WITH nature, so we just slap up buildings and shove them away.

    God Bless,

  • Jennifer Wilson

    Yeah me too Ines. Normally they are with the mother for two years before venturing out on their own. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

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