Contact Management Is The Key To Success

by Jennifer on February 6, 2008

If there is one thing you need to learn before you go into business it is never ever lose a contact’s details.  Whether it was only an exchange of information, former partner or a potential client, it is vital that you keep details of all of your business dealings.  That person you spoke to 10 years ago may just be the lady to bite at your next deal.  That man you spoke to last week might be the lead you need into a new venture.  So how can you organise your contacts to ensure no details are lost?

To be sure that the information is there when you want it and in a format which is helpful, you really need to have a central storage point which can possibly be accessed from any computer and is password protected.  The beauty of this is that you can add, change or find the contact details you require in an instant.  Many people also find it very useful to either make notes about the contact or even store details of past dealings – whether this is a client, potential client or someone to deal with in the Real Estate sector.

Many people are finding it useful to pass these more administrative procedures to their Real Estate Virtual Assistant, who can store the information at a central point – totally separate from any other contact details – and either call them up for the account holder or allow them online access.  Your contacts are one of your most valuable assets but it is up to you how you use them to assist with your business.

A lost contact may be a lost opportunity, and with the market as competitive as it is, nobody can afford to pass up any opportunities.

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  • Matt Collinge – the 604homesguy

    Great advice, is the a CRM product that you recomend? I am using Top Producer right now which is generally okay. I like have my email in there, but with it in there I can’t access it on my windows mobile device which is just not acceptable anymore. THoughts??? Should I just switch to outlook? hosted exchange?

  • Matt Collinge – the 604homesguy

    PS: Your rss feed for comments is not working.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    Hey Matt thanks for stopping by.

    I am not a fan of Top Producer and you are right, these days agents have to have the flexiblity of being “mobile”. There are a number of CRM’s out there that will allow you this flexiblity, but first I think it is important to consider what you want a CRM program to do for you.

    Outlook is a good program and can be used in conjunction with a number of CRM’s.

    Do you currently use TP and all its features (ie. tours, action plans, flyers, etc.) or do you use other programs as well? These considerations will help to determine which CRM will suit you best.

    Thanks for heads-up on the comment feed. I will fix that shortly.

  • Matt Collinge – the 604homesguy

    Thanks Jennifer. I do use some of the action plans but very few. Mostly I use one for listing things to do, but I am sure that could be set up in Outlook. I use the scheduler a bit, but mostly I use Outlook on my phone, becuase its right there on the today screen of my phone. I do like who TP automatically keeps a copy of the each email I send and receive from clients in my database. Is there an outlook based CRM that does that?

  • Chris Johnson

    Right. Never EVER lose a contact’s details. As far as contact management, I use ACT, but want so badly to use HEAP.

  • Abbotsford BC

    I am searching for a good real estatecontact management software.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    Hi Abbostsford BC. I am a big fan of The Wise Agent as a full Contact and Transaction Management system. If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

  • Raj Dhaliwal

    Any one using “agent office”?

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